Friday, 31 October 2014

Master List of Blogs / Articles / Books in Training School Library for Professional LearningProfessional Learning at The Cherwell School

TOPIC: Learning intentions / Focus (Useful review of general learning research, with emphasis on the importance of focus / clarity)
Embedded Formative Assessment (Dylan Wiliam) - Chapter 3 - Clarifying, Sharing and Understanding Learning Intentions and Success Criteria (a good theoretical overview with some subject specific practical examples)
TOPIC: Feedback
Make it Stick - Chapter 2 (To Learn, Retrieve) - makes the case for the use of regular low stakes testing / feedback. Not especially subject specific but good on key principles.
Embedded Formative Assessment (Dylan Wiliam) - Chapter 5 - Providing Feedback that Moves Learning Forward (convincing but not subject-specific - interesting on Mindset / emotional responses to feedback)
Visible Learning: the Science of how we Learn - John Hattie: Chapter 8 - The role of feedback
TOPIC: Teacher Talk / Explanations

TOPIC: Literacy
The Secret of Literacy (David Didau) : a really useful and readable overview of strategies for the teaching of Literacy across the curriculum

TOPIC: Group Work
TOPIC: Modelling
Visible Learning: the Science of how we Learn - John Hattie: Chapter 9 - Acquiring complex skills through modelling and explicit teaching (quite sciency but v interesting on modelling)
An Ethic of Excellence: Building a Culture of Craftsmanship with Students (Ron Berger) – inspiring read with specific advice on regular use of models

TOPIC: Activities (brilliant on the mind / provoking curiosity / memory) (evidence-based attempt to promote the value of teaching knowledge) (organisation of low stakes testingto promote progress over time)
Embedded Formative Assessment (Dylan Wiliam) - Chapter 4 - Eliciting Evidence of Learners’ Achievement (good on mini-testing and questioning - some practical strategies)
Assessment for Learning - Putting it into Practice (Dylan Wiliam) - Page 32 - 42 - interesting section on questioning with some transcripts from real lessons.
TOPIC: Maths-specific
TOPIC: Growth Mindset - 10 ways to create Growth Mindset
Make it Stick: Chapter 7 (Increase your abilities) - good on Dweck’s research on Growth Mindset / Neuroplasticity / Deliberate Practice/ Memory Cues
Mindset : The New Psychology of Success: Carol Dweck – excellent overview of the science underpinning the theory of Growth Mindset
Bounce: Matthew Syed – peerless study of Growth Mindset thinking and GM in action.

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